Baja Update

Thanks for responses from all.

We missed a great weather window this week(week 1), so I’m bummed that my work schedule was the hold up.  Forecasts for the next 3 weeks are:

week 2 – not ideal, heating up towards mid week, so I say 100% out

week 3 – Long range forecast looks even worse, so I’m 90% sure week 3 is out(I’ve got a couple of you as maybes for week 3, I’ll contact direct if forecast improves)

week 4 – Long range also shows flow weakening Thursday, looks promising

That makes Week 4(Mar 3 to 11) the target.  Crew so far is:

Jenny (definite)
Stefan (definite)

Tim B. (maybe)
Gary (maybe)
Michael C. (maybe)
Matthew S. (maybe)
Dave (maybe)

Would like to have at least 3, and 4 would be better since Jenny will probably do watches with me.

Let me know as you can firm up schedules.