(3) Cancun to Belize – COMPLETE


Cancun to Belize – June 24th – July 2nd

Fun meter up a notch or two on this leg.  Credit to PaPa Pablo’s “Ron Burgundy” sense of humor.(with the mustache, Will Ferrell bares a striking resemblance)

Thanks to Paul and Sean for the huge help in port with repairs prior to departure.  Thanks to Patty and Stacy for some awesome meals!

Mexico was hot, but off shore was nice.  We hit Chinchorro Bank, and I mean HIT(inside joke for leg 3 crew), and did a little diving there. Weather otherwise was mostly fair, but the tropical waves pushing through made for bigger than desirable seas.  That made overnight passages tough, and dives spots messy.

Arrival into San Pedro, Belize was fun, very el Caribe!  Incredible to be inside the huge reef.  Like sailing on a massive pond.

Boat issues a plenty.  Had additional prop problems, as well as more autopilot failure, but we were able to bypass the drive controller and were fortunate to have autopilot for most of the trip.

AIS still not functional, and radar was plagued by intermittent operation. We now think the numerous instrument failures, along with electronic problems with the washer/dryer, tank gauges, and inverter controllers, are all do to a previously undisclosed lightning strike!  No Bueno to discover while underway, but we’re dealing.   Nothing money can’t fix.

Still, the dude abides…

Leg Complete!  (see 3.5 for current Reliant status)

2 thoughts on “(3) Cancun to Belize – COMPLETE”

  1. We are in for this leg. Paul, Patricia, Sean, Tyler will all be ready, willing and able seamen. Should we book travel for arriving June 24 and Departing July 5 or a day early on arrival and a day later on departure?

  2. How are things going? It appears all is on schedule. What an adventure. We here in Ohio are keeping track.

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