Picking a Leg

Here are the bullet points for picking a leg:

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  • pick a leg based on time of year that works for you, and country(s) where you’d like to have fun!
  • we’ll meet the boat at it’s currently moored position and typically depart within 48-72 hours
  • we’ll typically go weekend to weekend, but schedule details are flexible
  • if you are the first(or only) crew for a leg, you’ll have first right of refusal on dates and cruising stops!
  • we’ll typically wait until 30 days prior to a leg to purchase airline tickets(to allow for weather delays and port availability)
  • dive gear will be on the boat!
  • we will provision in port before each departure, but good stuff(wine, etc.) from home will be welcome!
  • on most legs there will be plenty of time to linger in fun spots, or even explore ashore(think Mayan ruins and pirate forts!) so do some research and come ready to lead the expeditions!
  • if you are concerned about sea sickness or boat handling, read this: Lagoon 500 France to Lisbon
  • if a given leg is full and you still want to go, a vote of the crew can still allow you to join(like the old pirate days)  >:)
    • valid/current passport(make sure you check now!)
    • at least one credit card and some cash(US is good most places, but for Cuba there will be special instructions)
    • swimsuit(other clothing optional…)
    • any special shampoo or weird hair stuff