Here is seriously important stuff you need to know and study before joining the crew:

  1. Do you get seasick?  It’s a BIG Cat, so it’s a pretty sweet ride, but sailing is still sailing, and they say seasickness is mostly a mental thing(not sure I believe that in the ones I’ve seen turn green).  If there is any chance you could get sick, do Dramamine or Bonine 1 hour before departure.  Extremely important to remember this yourself!  Click here for other options, and I’ve heard gel on the wrist works well, but I recommend old fashion pills.
  2. Scheduling and weather!  Anything can change any one of the legs, but weather is the biggest factor. Be prepared to have to cancel airline tickets, or more likely to have to get an extra ticket to get to/from the current location of the boat.
  3. Do you have your passport?  Don’t forget it!!!  Make sure you have at least one year left, some countries are really weird about this, and make a bunch of paper copies.
  4. Want to get us in trouble?  It goes without saying, but… there may be drug sniffing dogs at each entry point… so just don’t do it.
  5. Cleanup- has to happen.  I might get distracted, so make sure you remember for me.  On each leg we need to have a schedule of cleanup, and everyone leave their cabin/berth ready for the next crew.
  6. Can you handle a dock line?
  7. Do you know the difference between Port and Starboard?  Study this before you come-
  8. Can you help pick up a mooring ball?  THIS IS A BIGGIE!!!  Study this before you come-