The Boatswain’s Whistle Vol. 1

To: The Reliant’s Crew
From: Chief Steward and Boatswain’s Mate, “Tattoo”(aka Bjorn)

Communication and preparation are essential for making the most of each leg of Reliant’s voyage to Los Angeles.  Cap’t Jim ain’t got the time for that, so each crew must step up and get talking……

Some things to consider, ponder, and discuss:

  1. The main mission is to get Reliant to Marina Del Rey. Of coarse each leg has opportunity for fun/exploration, but weather and technical difficulties may arise.
  2. The Captain’s main focus is on piloting, navigating, and making sure everything is in working order. The crew needs to do the rest….  Crew should be discussing/planning/SHARING RESPONSIBILITIES:  Menus, cooking, cleaning, chores(dishes, kitchen, heads (toilets), etc..)
  3. Site Seeing/Activities: Do some research for your leg of the trip.  Have some ideas about possible dive spots, day excursions etc..It’s no guarantee you’ll get to do it, but Jim’s plate is full, help him have some fun if the time and place arises.
  4. Tattoo knows the captain has some pet peeves, respect them: They are as follows:
    1)  Hair – it’s everywhere, the boat’s small, so sweep it up
    2)  The Navigation Center is for navigating, and the main saloon and galley are for everyone! Store personal items in your designated crew cabin areas and pickup after yourself in the Galley at all times.
    3)  Be ready for SUN, it’s the tropics for Pete’s sake!  Enjoy the Main Saloon, but go outside and play every now and then.
    4)  Pack responsibly:  Collapsible bags are easier to store than rigid suitcases.The dance hall and running track are closed for maintenance so leave the fancy clothing and jogging shoes at home.  Under pack!  YOU’RE GOING TO BE ON A BOAT IN THE TROPICS!
  5. Watch some videos on sailing basics, learn some lingo ahead of time, be ready to help out, Captain Jim ain’t your tour guide.  EVERY HAND must have a minimum of basic DOCKLINE handling and MOORING  knowledge. If you don’t ask for help now!
  6. (A pretty good site for some menu ideas.  Multi-day river rafters have great meal ideas that keep in mind storage/prep.  Reliant does have plenty of storage and refrigerator space for a week’s worth of food.)